Why should I get an Ident-A-Kid card for my child?

According to sources, nearly a million children are reported lost, missing, or separated from their parents each year. In far too many cases, law enforcement agencies are delayed in their efforts to locate lost and missing children by the lack of current and accurate descriptions, fingerprints and high quality photographs. As we have learned, being able to respond immediately offers the best chance for safe recovery. Throughout America, officials concur that the possession of a complete profile is the best assurance of a quick safe recovery of a lost or missing child. Should this happen to your child, you will be ready to provide law enforcement officials with vital information about your child by participating in the Ident-A-Kid Program.

What information is on an Ident-A-Kid card?

The driver's license-sized ID card contains a comprehensive and current physical description of a child including a professional, full-color photograph and a fingerprint using a special electronic touchpad that meets national standards. The parent’s or guardian’s address is listed to aid in the return of the card should it get misplaced. The reverse side of the card contains important information about what to do if your child is missing. The entire card is heat-seal laminated in heavy plastic for a permanent record. It is designed for parents, guardians, relatives or baby-sitters to carry at all times in their purses, wallets or billfolds. It is advised to update the card annually, since physical descriptions change as the child grows.

How does the Program work?

Ident-A-Kid is a "Parent Option Program" offered to all parents of pre-school, elementary and middle school children. Schools are a natural vehicle to promote child safety programs, and the low cost of the card is made possible only by being able to reach as many parents as possible in one location. The Ident-A-Kid Program is offered at no cost or obligation to the participating school or its parent organization because it is simply an option for the individual parent. Ident-A-Kid Program Directors administer all of the paperwork and ID card production with minimal interruption to the classroom because we are able to process over 100 children per hour.

How is the Program implemented?

IT'S EASY! It starts with the principal or PTA/PTO just picking a date on the calendar for the Ident-A-Kid Program Day, and the Program Director takes care of everything else. A supply of take-home material is provided with simple instructions to each homeroom teacher to distribute to the children. Those parents wishing to participate will have their child return the envelope with the appropriate amount of money on the designated Program Day. With the assistance of the school, children will come to the assigned area for pictures and fingerprints.

Is this a fundraiser?

The National Policy of Ident-A-Kid Services of America is to offer a low cost service, NOT A FUNDRAISER, thus the lower prices enable more parents to participate.

What about confidentiality?

There are no copies of any data or pictures kept on file. See our Privacy Policy for complete information.

Who are our Ident-A-Kid Program Directors?

Our program directors are franchisees that have undergone intensive training in order to efficiently and effectively institute the Ident-A-Kid program in your child’s school. They are also subjected to a thorough background check to ensure that we have the most respectable and suitable people for Ident-A-Kid.

Is the card information kept on file?

NO! The information is strictly for parents’ use. Law enforcement agencies only keep files on active missing child cases. However, the special fingerprint system used by Ident-A-Kid conforms to National Standards and can be processed by computer searches. See our Privacy Policy for complete information.

Is this card for children to carry?

Parents, guardian, relative or babysitter should carry the card in their purses or wallets to quickly provide law enforcement with an accurate description should their child become missing. Parents may consider allowing older or more mature children to carry a card with them. Also, middle school children may want to carry an ID card for identification purposes.

What about kids who miss the Program?

"Make-up" days will be scheduled if needed, within a relatively short period of time. Parents complete satisfaction is assured by your local Ident-A-Kid Program Director.

How can parents learn more about the Program?

That's easy! Simply call your local Ident-A-Kid Program Director, who will work with the school principal or PTA/PTO, to set up a Program Date. Parents will receive a full-color brochure explaining the program together with a self-explanatory application for requesting the cards. To locate contact information for the Ident-A-Kid Program Director in your community, click on the link on the right.


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