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Thank you for your interest in Ident-A-Kid! At Ident-A-Kid, our core mission is to raise the level of awareness of child safety and provide parents with proactive measures to keep their children safe. We have been proudly serving Northeast Oklahoma since the fall of 2009. I love being able to start each day knowing that I can assist parents in keeping their children safe. Ident-A-Kid of Northeast Oklahoma is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Please click on the BBB link below for more information. We are also a proud member of the Tulsa Metro Chamber and the Broken Arrow Area Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to being the Tulsa area Program Director for Ident-A-Kid, I am also a Certified Child Safety Representative with the Child Rescue Network (CRN). CRN has three areas of primary focus: to raise the level of awareness of the missing and victimized children’s issues; to provide parents with information and materials to help better protect children; and, to aid in the search for abducted children.

Parents - Ident-A-Kid may already offer our program at your child’s school. If not, we encourage you to contact your principal and ask about having identakid.come to your child's school. Please feel free to contact us at 918-340-4544 or by e-mail at Find us on Facebook at

Schools - We would love to work with your school! It’s easy to implement our program. Please call us at 918-340-4544 or e-mail In addition, we can help make your campus safer in a truly cost-effective manner with our visitor management software, Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS), and our Parent Alert service. Contact us about how to implement these services at your school today!

“It’s an absolutely wonderful program! I mean, to have your children’s information right there in your wallet, even sent to your phone. If a crisis comes up, you panic. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know where your current photograph is. And to have this readily available for you to hand to a policeman or to security anywhere you are at when your child is missing is a great thing." - Kristina Dixon, parent

“I love this program. Kim has a product that Grandparents and parents should have for their kids.....and companies should sponsor this program for the safety of our children." - Brenda Senter, Vice President of Membership, Broken Arrow Area Chamber of Commerce.

About CCSS:

“All of our visitors are so impressed with our new technology for check in. It has streamlined our documentation of our volunteers, visitors, and maintenance workers. We love our new system.” - Belinda Baldwin, Principal at Grimes Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools


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